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Medicare Supplements

We market the traditional Medicare Supplements such as Plan G. This plan supplements Medicare and allows the insured to visit any provider which subscribes to Medicare as long as the insured has Medicare Parts A & B.  For example, a 65-year old is eligible for the Anthem BlueCross Plan G at a monthly premium of $143.10 which covers all medical costs other than the Medicare Part B deductible. Prescription drugs can be covered with a Part D drug card which is purchased separately from the Medicare Supplement.

Medicare Advantage

This is a program where you choose a private insurance carrier as your Medicare provider and Medicare assigns the Part A and Part B responsibility to that provider.  There is no coordination with Medicare for claims but you are still required to pay the Medicare Part A & Part B amounts.  The premiums can range from $0-$29 per month.  You pay out of pocket costs for services such as copays and deductibles as you utilize the plan.  These programs have an annual out of pocket maximum which is the most you will pay for covered medical services during the calendar year.  The plans are designed to stay within a network of providers although the PPO options allow out of network care as well.   Most Medicare Advantage plans also include a Part D drug plan along with services such as Dental, Vision & Hearing.  The Medicare Advantage Plans continue to gain in popularity within the metropolitan area.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

The Annual Enrollment Period occurs between October 15th through December 7th for a January 1st effective date.  This Enrollment period allows for those on Medicare Advantage and those with Part D drug plans to change carriers if necessary.  Those with traditional Medicare Supplements do not fall under this exact window for making policy changes.  Keep in mind, you are not required to make any changes to your policy for the Medicare Open Enrollment.  Unless you have a plan that is being discontinued, your existing program will automatically renew in to the following year if you choose to not make any changes.

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